"Chase Summers Emerges with a Fusion of Electronic Sounds, Instrumentals, and Big Aspirations"

Chase Summers Emerges with a Fusion of Electronic Sounds, Instrumentals, and Big Aspirations

"From a childhood filled with the resonance of various instruments to a chance encounter with Garage Band that sparked a musical journey, Chase Summers has emerged as a promising artist in the realm of electronic music. The journey, which began as a post-college exploration, took a definitive turn during the pandemic, allowing Summers to delve into the world of music production with an unyielding passion.

Born out of the influences of EDM luminaries such as San Holo, Avicii, Odesza, and Swedish House Mafia, Summers' music is a fusion of electronic beats, real instruments, vocal chops, and driving percussion. Drawing inspiration from the eclectic sounds of rock, hip-hop, and jazz, his compositions transcend traditional genre boundaries.

Despite being in the early stages of his music career, Summers' commitment to independence and ownership of his craft is evident. Armed with skills honed through a fortuitous music mentoring program, he gained insights into digital marketing, social media strategies, and the intricacies of building a sustainable income in the music industry.

A late-night and early-morning creative, Summers' writing process involves experimenting with loops and MIDI to lay the foundation for his instrumentals. Balancing abstract vocal chops, he invites listeners to interpret and derive their own meaning, weaving a narrative of hope, optimism, and happiness into each composition.

Currently working on his debut release, Summers has a treasure trove of unreleased music, enough to fuel a full-length album. Opting for smaller releases to introduce himself, he envisions building excitement leading up to more extensive projects in the future.

While the name Chase Summers might be new to the scene, the artist behind it brings a wealth of experience from performances as a child, including stints with school bands and the prestigious Baltimore Youth Symphony Orchestra. Looking ahead, Summers envisions live performances where he merges electronic beats with live instruments, taking inspiration from trailblazers like Illenium and San Holo.

With a vision to grow his fanbase and turn music into a full-time endeavor, Summers is set on connecting with supporters worldwide. Intrigued by the possibilities of synch licensing and eager to explore placements in TV and movies, he remains committed to showcasing his journey rather than merely listing aspirations.As Chase Summers prepares to make his mark, he invites audiences to stay tuned, promising a musical voyage filled with surprises and an authentic expression of his artistic evolution...."

-Audiophilic Music Group Press Release (November 22, 2023)

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