Audiophilic Music Group (established in 2023) is a record label, publishing company, clothing brand and coaching company for independent artists, musicians and creatives.  We were founded by artists for artists in response to the music industry's predatory record deals and streaming platforms making billions but paying pennies (1 stream= $0.003 to the artist ; 1 subscription= $9.99/mo to Spotify). These practices have effected how we as a culture consume music which has ultimately led to artists sacrificing quality for quantity simply as a means to survive.

We think that we can do things differently. We have set out to pave the way for how modern artists can generate a living using their music as a foundation to setup a business with products and services that add value to peoples lives... A business sustained due to its supportive and engaged fans/community members. We still use streaming platforms to help people discover our music but we feel a new age is coming...

In terms of the music we release, we are intentional with each one of our releases. Music is powerful and has the ability to influence our conscious and subconscious mind. The music we release is released because first we like it, secondly we hope you'll like it, and ultimately we hope it helps you whether thats emotionally or simply entertainment in the moment. That's why we release so many different types of genres. We never approach the creation of music from a "How can we profit?" or "What's popular now?" standpoint. Although we are a business and company, we figure all that out after the music is finished and meets our standards.

Company Values:

1) Creativity

2) Authenticity

3) Ownership

4) Innovation

5) Consistency



Have a question? Interested in doing business with us or one of our artists? Send us a brief message including your name and reason for inquiry. We will be in touch soon!

Mailing Address:

5457 Twin Knolls Road

Suite 300, #1200

Columbia, MD, 21045


+1 (240)-230-6475

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